Does Your Drive Include the Most Dangerous Road in Georgia?

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Driving has become part of everyday life for many people. For most, getting from here to there is simply more practical with a vehicle.

You may consider yourself a careful and defensive driver. Still, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. When someone else is driving dangerously, you may not be able to prevent an accident.

When it comes to Georgia roads, one tends to take the lead as the most dangerous. Here’s what you should know about this stretch of highway and why it is home to so many accidents.

The Perimeter

Highway I-285 creates a 64-mile loop around Atlanta. Whether you are going into the city or leaving it, chances are you will spend some time on I-285.

Last year, I-285 made the list of most dangerous roads in America because of the significant number of accidents and fatalities. In 2015, a fatality rate of 3.5 deaths for every 10 miles made I-285 the most dangerous interstate in the country.

What Makes It Dangerous?

I-285 is on the way to everywhere in Atlanta. There are many interchanges, exits and entrances where vehicles could cross paths in the most catastrophic ways.

Additionally, Atlanta is one of many hubs for shipping goods across the country, which means more semi-truck traffic. With their large blind spots and heavy loads, many semis using this highway can create a congested commute.

As you make your way through the city, it is essential to ensure you have plenty of room to maneuver. When there is extra traffic, it is crucial to have extra space to stop so that you can respond in case of an emergency.

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