Quiet Title Actions

Partnering With Our Law Firm Ensures That You Have an Advocate on Your Side

A quiet title lawsuit occurs when there is a dispute about property ownership, and an attempt is made to quiet the title to a property and determine who legally owns it. Whether someone is questioning your right to your property or you are disputing someone else’s ownership, it is critical to work with an experienced quiet title attorney in Georgia from Overman & Overman LLC.

We understand that ownership is often brought into question following a foreclosure or a death in the family, and we will review your case closely to determine who the property rightfully belongs to. While we attempt to peacefully settle disputes outside of court through mediation, we will certainly stand by your side should the case go to trial. Partnering with our law firm ensures that you have an advocate on your side until you reach your desired outcome.

If someone has called your property ownership into question, or you believe someone else is falsely claiming ownership of a property, contact us today. One of our quiet title attorneys would be happy to analyze the events leading up to the dispute and review your title, to help you establish a sound case and get you peace of mind. We represent clients throughout Greater Atlanta and across Georgia. Call us locally at 770-501-7425. Alternatively, send us an email through our online contact form.