Contract Disputes

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Contracts are legal documents that transpire in almost every real estate or business transaction. Contracts are designed to protect both parties involved in the agreement, but when either party fails to hold up their end of the deal, contract disputes ensue. These disputes are often complex and require savvy legal counsel from a Georgia contract dispute attorney. Whether your case requires arbitration, mediation, or representation in court, we are here to fight for you.

The contract dispute attorneys at Overman & Overman LLC serve clients throughout Greater Atlanta and across the state of Georgia with contract dispute legal services. Some of the cases we have litigated include lease disputes, bad faith disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, violations of noncompete agreements, and breach of fiduciary duty claims. Depending on your claim, we can seek out compensation if you were harmed financially by a breach of contract, or we can establish a defense and minimize your liability if you are being accused of breaching a contract.

Dealing with a contract dispute can be debilitating without the right legal representation. If you are facing a breached contract, come to Overman & Overman LLC today. One of our attorneys would be happy to review your case and formulate a plan of action to get you justice. Call 770-501-7425. You may also email us through our online contact form.