Fayette County Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Helping Victims Pursue the Monetary Compensation They Deserve

Being injured in any car accident can be devastating enough on its own. But it’s especially upsetting to realize the driver who struck your car was impaired by drugs or alcohol, as the crash could have been prevented if they had been sober while driving. If you believe the driver who hit you was driving while impaired, you should talk to drunk driving accident lawyers with years of experience serving Fayette County.

At Overman & Overman, LLC, we understand the complexities of drunk driving accident claims. Our legal team is compassionate toward injured victims dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. That’s why we work hard to get our clients the compensation they’re entitled to. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you financially recover from a drunk driving accident.

Was the Driver Who Hit Your Vehicle Impaired?

If the driver who hit your car was arrested for DUI at the scene of the accident, it’s clear you have a drunk driving accident claim to pursue. But it’s not always this obvious, as the other driver might not have been arrested at the scene, or you may have been in the ambulance when the police questioned the driver.

If you suspect the other driver was impaired, let your car accident lawyers know at the start of the case. When you hire our team, we will consider the evidence from the accident scene, including the police report, witness statements, and videos of the crash. We can also request access to alcohol test results and receipts from any bars that the at-fault driver visited before the accident.

We’ll also consider your observations of the other driver before determining if they were likely drunk. For instance, if you noticed the driver swerving across lanes or ignoring traffic signals before hitting you, they may have been impaired. If you talked to them after the crash and realized they seemed drowsy or uncoordinated and slurred their words, you should tell your injury lawyer about these signs of impairment so we can investigate further.

What Injuries Are Common in Drunk Driving Crashes?

Accidents with drunk drivers often lead to more severe injuries than other types of accidents do. This is because impaired drivers can’t usually react quickly enough to prevent crashes. Additionally, drunk drivers often speed and drive recklessly, causing severe or even fatal injuries to the people involved in the crash.

Some of the most common injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents include:

  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Damage to organs, especially the kidneys, lungs, and spleen
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Facial injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of limbs
  • Soft tissue injuries

These injuries are not only painful but sometimes permanent or even fatal. Some accident victims may need multiple surgeries for injuries suffered in a drunk-driving crash. It’s not unusual to also need physical therapy, medication, or medical equipment during recovery. If you require extensive medical care due to your injuries, talk to Fayette County drunk driving accident lawyers for a chance to get enough compensation to pay your medical bills and more.

What Compensation Should You Expect?

It’s not your fault that someone decided to drink alcohol before driving their car, resulting in a serious crash that injured you. For this reason, you should not be stuck paying expensive bills due to the accident. Instead of worrying about finances after your car crash, you should schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer to discuss your case.

Experienced car accident attorneys will bring a claim against the liable party’s insurance company so you get the money you need to pay all your bills related to the crash. To start, your lawyer will review your medical records and bills to calculate how much you have been charged for medical care, as well as what care you will likely need in the future. They will then request at least that amount from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

They can also request enough money for you to afford the repairs your car will likely need. If your car was damaged beyond repair in the crash, the property damage portion of your settlement will include money to buy a new vehicle. In addition, if you missed work due to your injuries, you’re likely entitled to money for lost wages when you get your personal injury settlement.

After all, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your home or risk going into debt to pay your bills because a drunk driver injured you in a car crash. For this reason, your lawyers will work toward the settlement you deserve. If you have questions about the compensation to expect from your claim, contact our Fayette County law firm to talk to skilled drunk driving accident lawyers.

Are You Ready to Talk to Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers in Fayette County?

We understand that you’re in physical and emotional pain after a serious car crash, and while money may be the last thing you want to think about, you’re likely worried about how to pay your bills now. That’s why we encourage you to contact us after your car accident so we can immediately begin working on your claim and get you on your way to being compensated fairly.

When you hire our legal team to work on your drunk driving accident claim, we will review the details to learn what led to the crash, which driver is liable, and what compensation would be fair to you. We will then communicate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company until you get the settlement you deserve. If you’re ready to learn more about your legal options after being injured in a drunk driving accident, call us at 770-501-7425 to schedule a free case evaluation.