Drug Crimes

A Seasoned Team of Attorneys Working On Your Drug-Related Defense

Drug charges are intricate legal matters that could lead to a criminal record and a life of stigma. Laws and regulations regarding drug offenses can be stringent and are regularly considered felonies. If mishandled, drug crimes may lead to potential prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. You cannot leave your defense to chance with so much at stake.

The lawyers of Overman & Overman LLC represent clients throughout Greater Atlanta and across Georgia. We understand the legislations of various regulations and assert their rights accordingly. The Bowtie Lawyers have extensive experience in different drug-related criminal charges, from dangerous substances such as Schedule I (LSD, heroin) to Schedule V drugs (ezogabine, codeine). We are also knowledgeable about the complexities surrounding marijuana, which is not a scheduled substance and has mixed regulations statewide.

Shielding Your Rights When You Face Marijuana-Related Charges

When facing charges involving marijuana, you need an experienced attorney. Some cities in Georgia, including Atlanta, have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. For example, if caught in possession of this substance, an individual in Atlanta may face a $75 fine with no jail time. However, the same offense elsewhere in the state could lead to jail time and a $1,000 fine.

Other charges and special considerations may play a significant role when it comes to the possibility of dismissing or elevating your charges to a felony. For example, whether:

  • The substance is for medicinal use
  • Drug paraphernalia was found by law enforcement
  • The offense involves cultivation or possession of marijuana with the intent to sell

Marijuana offenses, including marijuana possession charges, are highly complex and depend heavily on the location where the offense took place. The attorneys at Overman & Overman LLC are skilled fighters in the courtroom and will make every reasonable effort to build a solid defense for you. Discuss all the details of your case with our team. We have options and the experience you need to address your legal issues, whether you face charges related to drug possession, drug trafficking or more.

A Zealous and Sound Defense for Your Case

You have a right to a lawyer. Let us guide you and defend your rights, whether you are a first-time offender or have faced charges before. Put the Bowtie Lawyers in your corner. Call 770-501-7425 or reach us online today to schedule your consultation with us.