Traffic Violations

Protect Your Driving Privileges

People tend to underestimate traffic citations. You might think that driving without a license or while under the influence isn’t a big deal, but it can tarnish your record. If you want to avoid a criminal misdemeanor, you’ll need a knowledgeable traffic citation attorney. Overman & Overman LLC can take on your case in Georgia.

Traffic citations come in many forms, but all of them have serious consequences. You could end up losing your license, paying fines and spending time in jail. Luckily, our experienced attorneys can handle any charges. Whether you were driving without insurance or while intoxicated, we’ll take on your case. Our attorneys have been representing clients in the greater Atlanta metro area and throughout Georgia since 1991.

Don’t Risk Losing Your License

Losing your license – even temporarily – can throw off your daily life. You might not be able to get to work or take your kids to school. That’s why our legal team includes a reliable suspended license attorney. You can turn to us for advice on your next move and aggressive representation in court. We’ll work hard to get the best outcome possible for you.

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We Understand the Legal Language and Laws Surrounding Traffic Citations

Most people in Georgia have been pulled over at some point for breaking a traffic law – from running a stop sign to speeding. These seemingly insignificant violations can quickly add up if they are repeat offenses. In certain situations, you may benefit from trying to appeal these tickets in court, so that you can obtain reduced fines, keep points off your license, and prevent your insurance rates from increasing. To do so, it is helpful to work with an attorney.

The attorneys at Overman & Overman LLC understand the legal language and laws surrounding traffic citations. We can work with you closely to fight unjust tickets or reduce fines and points for other violations. By advocating for you in court, we can help prevent these citations from draining you financially or interfering with your ability to have a license or obtain insurance. Mistakes happen, and we want to ensure that your traffic citations don’t cripple your future in any way.

Protecting Your CDL License

If you are a professional driver with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), traffic violations take on even more significance. A number of smaller violations or something more serious like driving while intoxicated could result in a loss of your CDL, which would effectively end your career as a driver. Make sure you fight these charges aggressively.

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