Juvenile Delinquency

Our Attorneys Will Treat You and Your Child Fairly and Ensure That Your Legal Rights Are Upheld in Court

When you have been accused of criminal conduct, it is important to partner with an experienced attorney to ensure the best outcome possible in your case. This is especially true for minors, persons under the age of 17 in Georgia, who are being charged with committing a crime or facing truancy charges. If you require juvenile delinquency defense in Fayette, Clayton, Spalding, Fulton, Henry, Coweta, Pike or Upson County, come to Overman & Overman LLC today.

Unlike an adult court, juvenile court aims to help children reform through rehabilitation, supervision, and treatment. Juveniles facing delinquency charges will not face harsh punishment like an adult would, and they are not put in an adult prison. However, they can face up to five years in a youth detention center. Even with this in mind, we know how scary it can be when your child has broken the law, so we will work with you closely to establish a sound case and advocate on you and your child’s behalf in court. We will be here through each step of the process, whether you need questions answered or someone to speak on your behalf.

If your child has been arrested or is facing delinquency charges, contact us at Overman & Overman LLC. Our attorneys will treat you and your child fairly and ensure that your legal rights are upheld in court. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation: 770-501-7425.