Protect Your CDL From Traffic Violations

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As a truck driver, it can be tempting to speed a little to get ahead of your delivery schedule or even just make your delivery on time. This and other temptations for truck drivers to drive recklessly can be enough for you to lost your CDL entirely. Recently, Georgia police have been cracking down on dangerous truck drivers, and even a minor traffic violation can be enough to jeopardize your career.

Avoiding Common Shortcuts on the Job

For some drivers, some traffic violations may be so common to them that they no longer recognize them as something that can cost them their license. Although most drivers know driving under the influence, driving without a license or leaving the scene of a crash can result in losing their CDL, minor offenses can also add up to serious consequences. It’s important to remember to avoid bad driving habits like:

  • Tailgating others
  • Not signaling for turns and lane changes
  • Speeding
  • Driving erratically
  • Driving over the weight limit for your cargo
  • Driving off a truck route
  • Making an illegal turn

While you may not think much of some of these actions, police consider them to be serious violations. While a skilled attorney may be able to help you beat these charges, it is never a gamble you should take.

Is a Traffic Violation Worth Your CDL?

With police stepping up the consequences of truck drivers committing traffic violations, even multiple minor infractions can turn into serious charges resulting in the loss of your CDL. Make sure you are acting in your benefit to protect your CDL, your record and your career by avoiding any kind of traffic violation.

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