The Law Doesn’t Sleep, And Neither Do We

The Law Doesn’t Sleep, And Neither Do We

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When Facing A DUI, Experience Matters

Each year, over 200,000 Georgia residents are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Although these charges are common in Georgia, the penalties are severe. Without the proper representation, many people face extreme legal repercussions. To fight a DUI successfully, you need a legal team with experience, compassion and a strong commitment to advocate for your interests.

At Overman & Overman LLC, DUI defense is one of the most important aspects of our criminal defense practice. Since our firm’s founding in 1991, we have provided strong defense for countless clients against DUI charges throughout Georgia.

We are a family-owned and -operated law firm. Our father-and-son attorney team takes a compassionate approach to our clients and an aggressive approach to our clients’ defense. Clients in the greater Atlanta metro area and throughout Georgia trust our team to defend them against DUI charges.

Building Your Defense

Out of all these people who are charged each year, many are wrongly convicted due to faulty breathalyzers or improper traffic stop procedures. Whether you have been falsely convicted or this is not your first offense, our DUI attorneys can examine every angle of your case and work hard to get your case thrown out or get you a reduced sentence. We understand the Georgia DUI system, and we will work with witnesses to establish your case and give you peace of mind.

Do Not Let One Mistake Ruin Your Life

A DUI is a serious offense that can damage your ability to drive a car or get a job. Don’t let your DUI haunt you for the rest of your life. Come to Overman & Overman LLC today. We are here to fight on your behalf and help you get back on track. Call locally at 770-676-3177 or toll-free at 877-857-9471 or email us today to speak with one of our DUI attorneys and schedule your initial consultation.