Are You More Likely to Get a Dui This Summer?

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As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, summer becomes a great time to get together with your friends. When you and your friends plan to have drinks together, it can take careful planning to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Police in nearby Atlanta note that fatal DUI accidents are down 40 percent. Still, they are attributing the decrease to increased checkpoints. Since the checkpoints appear to be working, officers plan to increase checkpoints and DUI patrols this summer.

Here’s what you should know about DUI patrols and checkpoints this summer.

Navigating Checkpoints

When you see a checkpoint ahead, you might get nervous, even if you know you have not had too much to drink. You may be tempted to try to avoid the checkpoint. While it is possible to avoid a DUI checkpoint, you should make sure you do so with care.

If you simply navigate away from the checkpoint without using any suspicious maneuvers, you may be in the clear. However, you should note that officers will be on the lookout for actions such as:

  • Making an abrupt U-turn
  • Turning without signaling
  • Pulling over immediately before the checkpoint
  • Turning into the parking lot of a closed business

These maneuvers may alert officers that you may want to avoid the checkpoint because you have been drinking.

Checking With Limits

Police must follow specific rules when they are conducting a DUI checkpoint. Most of the time, officers must choose a certain frequency for checking vehicles. However, during limited times of the checkpoint, officers can check every car that goes through.

Police state that they are hoping the increase in checkpoints and DUI patrols will help those who choose to drink to create the habit of choosing a sober ride instead of trying to drive home. If you are unsure if you have had too much to drink, it is always better to find a safe ride home.

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