When Can a Driver’s License Be Suspended in Georgia?

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Driving is a part of everyday life for so many Georgia citizens. When a lapse in judgment results in the suspension of driving privileges, it can throw a huge wrench in one’s daily routine and even affect their work life.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services outlines the most common circumstances that lead to license suspension. Becoming familiar with these situations can help drivers protect their right to stay on the road.

Excessive Speeding

Driving excessively over the speed limit results in a $200 Super Speeder fee, and neglecting to pay that fee leads to suspension of driving privileges.

Failing to Pay Child Support

The Georgia Department of Human Services notifies the DDS of any instances in which a parent fails to uphold their child support obligations, resulting in a driver’s license suspension until the parent meets child support compliance.

Driving Under the Influence

Conviction of a DUI charge leads to suspension or revocation of driving privileges for Georgia residents, even if the conviction occurs in another state.

Failing to Appear in Court

Failure to appear when summoned to court or failing to pay a traffic citation is also grounds for a license suspension.

Lacking Proof of Insurance

Georgia law mandates a minimum amount of automobile liability insurance coverage for every registered vehicle. Driver’s license suspension is a valid consequence for neglecting to acquire the necessary insurance or for failing to produce proof of insurance when requested by law enforcement.

Having Excessive Points Violations

Certain convictions and traffic violations translate to points on a person’s driving record, and accumulating 15 or more points within 24 months is grounds for license suspension.

Many circumstances can lead to a potential driver’s license suspension scenario. Those who believe their license is wrongfully under threat can pursue action to protect their rights.

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